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Mini Stopwatch Mini Stopwatch

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I get the concept, but on a purely personal level, I just didn't find it all that fun. Please read on.

The timer didn't lag... and neither did the spacebar. Not always easy to do, so you got points for that.

Great practice if you are looking to be a timekeeper at track and field events or a similar venue. But I'm not sure this usefulness will register with a lot of the members here or not.

Now, if the object was to stop the watch as a thoroghbred horse, or a racecar were crossing the finish line, that would add playability to something like this, however this is my opinion members may or may not disagree with me.

I like the scorekeeping and having the competition factor in there... competition amongst a very large group with global stats is always a good thing.

Perhaps you are onto a new type of meme or genre, as there really isn't much in the timing genre not dedicated to hitting a golf ball or hitting some sort of field goal... I guess this could be considered a raw form since the interface is numeric instead of graphic.

Good luck.

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Jazz Matches 2 Jazz Matches 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad... fun puzzle game... everything about it is suffice... The music got you an extra .5 stars...

The Slacker The Slacker

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Well thought out... the control should have been explained in the beginning, but nonetheless, once I had figured out how to stop making the character sprint across the room, I gave it another go.

I only went through a few rooms because I lost interest... This wasn't due to anything negative about the game... Just a personal preference on the subject matter.

I did think the background music and sounds were appropriate, the sound quality reflects the graphic quality. The overall look and sound were neither too much nor too little... direct with the A/V and heavy concentration on the gameplay. I would, however like to see improvments with the doors aesthetics... but as it is, its overall well made.

Recent Audio Reviews

Let's stfu Let's stfu

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I can't see why you name it lets stfu (assuming, of course, stfu still means 'shut the fuck up'... if they meaning changed, I didn't get the memo)...

I don't understand why a lot of the people here don't take instruments from albums and substitute them for the midi instruments... an actual string instrument for the main tune would carry so much better... there would be more body to it... I mean, its already interesting and held my ear for the full play through (which is hard to do... I only review the tracks I like)...

If I could make a suggestion... sample an actual electric violin with very mild distortion for that... even if you just get one note and up/down sample it for the whole tune... I think you would like the results.

FrankMunoz responds:

I agree, I would very much like the results (possibly) but, limitations are ... well.. limiting.
One day I'll have more than just my trumpet/piano/guitar; even so.. I don't ever record because of my living condition.
All in due time though, '

Frustration feat. Bafana Frustration feat. Bafana

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Finally, a song with a percussion section that isn't entirely cut and pasted in... nice elements... I like the piano and strings, as there is so much on this site that is entirely synth sounding and metallic... I especially like the volume changes when the drums peak and ebb...

I'd like to hear more on this site that has the same thought put into it as this one has had... changes in mood, movement, intensity... this is a piece that tells a story... hell, music like this behind footage of , say, something like a baloon being dragged down the road by the wind would actually make that balloon's 'story' interesting.

You two make some interesting music... keep working together.

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VGSongbird responds:

Well, I will certainly always welcome collab with Bafana. Great artist. And I'm happy to hear you think we worked well together ^_^

Victory - A Winner is You Victory - A Winner is You

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not at all what I expected from the title... I was expecting yet another 'fanfare' type of mix... break from the norm is a good thing...

The taste of it says 'maze puzzle background music' or 'map music' ... I can almost see the map for Mario 3 as I listen and close my eyes... but a little bit darker... or the end sequence and credits for a NES adventure... bubbly and happy, like it all turned out for the best, and the best was better than what was expected.